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Huge thanks to TP-Link for sponsoring this video.
The #DecoM4 Mesh WiFi is an affordable whole-home WiFi system.
With my three pack, it’s rated to cover up to 5,500 sq ft, handle up to 100 devices, Mu-Mimo, IEEE 802.11 k/v/r roaming support, dual-band AC1200, band steering, AP steering, self-healing, and a whole lot more. Their mobile app is nice too, with cloud (remote) management of the network, Alexa and IFTTT integrations, monthly usage reports, port forwarding, AP mode, guest network with VLAN, and in-depth parental controls. #TPLink #ad

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34 thoughts on “Affordable Mesh WiFi: TP-Link Deco M4 (vs Google WiFi Speed Test)

  1. Just discovered this channel today while looking for mesh routers. Great & in depth video & love the channel name 😋

  2. Were the units connected to each other via Ethernet when you tested them? I saw from another review that they did well when wired but likely when they weren't.

  3. Does someone know what should I do if the speed of my deco is very low? 1 mt from my original router the speed of the deco is 25 and the speed of the router is 150. Is it damage and I need to order for warranty?

  4. im going to get this , however im going to put one in my bedroom and the other 2 in the living room.. Will my pc and devices get the best wifi ?? How do i make the wifi prioritize my Pc and ps4?

  5. How do I connect a wifi enabled printer to a mesh wifi? And can I print a document if both pc and printer are connected to different mesh devices?

  6. Can the device work as router? Because I don't want to use my Dlink DIR 850L as it can't support the speed of my provided given 500mbps. It only can get maximum 100mbps when I do speed test connected to 5ghz band

  7. Hi. Nice review!

    Does all the slave units has to be into the master unit wireless range, for connection, or can some of them bem connected between each other’s and only one connected to master unit?


  8. Can you set up a 2.4GHz network to configure smart home devices that cannot use the 5GHz band (most cannot)?

  9. The images you used in the speed test section of the video appear to be intentionally misleading. You have taken more samples on the Deco and made it look as though the bar represents the speed test results.

  10. I got these (3pk) can recommend them, full stable coverage everywhere in the house devices roam without any dropping. Easy to setup.

  11. Ben, what do you think about Tplink Deco E4? It is slightly cheaper. Thinking of getting it online.

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