This is a video walkthrough / playthrough / runthrough / etc of the Nintendo DS game Contra 4.

This was a game I would play nonstop between my college classes. I had a lot of practice with it needless to say.

I used Lance in this playthrough since I haven’t had a chance to use him in previous videos, so I thought I would give him his moment to shine, while he still had one….

You’ll notice I only use the spreader and laser once I get them. I’ve always liked those two weapons best, and as you can see, they serve me rather well. Also, I’m sure my boss strategies aren’t exactly the best in some cases, but at least I survive them…

I do have a few close calls, but in the end, I’m able to go through it without getting killed. I will admit this took quite a few tries, but playing all those challenges in the past and going through the game a whole bunch of times helped. 😛

Also, I always loved the first bit when you turn the game on and hear the music while the flaming C is formed….Good times…

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27 thoughts on “Contra 4 Video Walkthrough

  1. Jeremy(Saikyomog) passed away 02/20/15.  Everyone please see Saikyomog A Dad's Remembrance         https://youtu.be/JW2JXL2erLw  and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-seAIeu3Og&feature=youtu.be.
    We have kept open a Guest Book for anyone who wishes to make a comment regarding Jeremy.  Eventually this will be put together in a keepsake book. http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/greenbaypressgazette/jeremy-soncrant-condolences/174206022?&eid=sp_gbupdate

  2. That beginning though. The fire, the revamped beginning tune. Badass. Konami knew exactly what they were doing. Gives me the chills.

  3. That final boss, that's what we can call, a really final boss!!! I mean, it's for the record, there was too much imagination at the moment of planning that enemy… Who could think about attacking a final boss from INSIDE itself, to eliminate it? And from inside, you can see the earth!!! I don't know, everything it's perfect in that scene.

  4. 悪逆非道エイリアンに闘魂制裁!

  5. Meh, I was like damnnn this is AMAZING…at first. But then I was disappointed by the second stage. And it went downhill from there. Nothing beats the original.
    They should remake the original with state-of-the-art 2D graphics on PS4/Xbox and I'd be down for that! 2-player online too.

  6. very good improvement of contra. it makes me want to play it. very good in every aspects, graphic, music and storyline. congrats konami

  7. Hate the asymmetry of the top and bottom screens. Never understood why they did that. It always looked better when they were seamless.

  8. STAGE 1 – Jungle zone
    STAGE 2 – Laboratory zone
    STAGE 3 – Base zone
    STAGE 4 – Harbor zone
    STAGE 5 – Ocean zone
    STAGE 6 – Factory zone
    STAGE 7 – City zone
    STAGE 8 – Alien hive zone
    LAST STAGE – Harvest yard zone

  9. This title screen is one of the best ever made. The flaming "C" burning into existence with the awesome Contra theme is just perfect.

  10. Haven't played a good contra since . Defiantly delivers on fan service and it's good enough to stand on its own, personal favourite 6:59 the waterfall music fading in,

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