Welcome to the Grammar Gameshow! Test your knowledge in this crazy quiz! The presenter is a bit strange, the points don’t make sense and the prizes could use some improvement, but at least the grammar is correct!

Bill reigns supreme! This will be his fourth game in a row! He could very well become the next champion. This time he and his fellow contestant Yun will be tested on their knowledge of countable and uncountable nouns. That extremely complicated set of rules that tell us about the people things and places we are talking about! Can they win through? Why does Yun keep looking up her sleeve? Can Bill convince Will that something strange is going on? Find out all in this episode of the Grammar Gameshow!

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29 thoughts on “Countable and uncountable nouns: The Grammar Gameshow Episode 27

  1. Is this comprehensive information on countable and uncountable nous? It seems to me as an infinite theme. Frequently, I'm strugling how to recognize a countable and an uncountable noun.

  2. I really like your videos, I can understand clearly… Thank you for helping us! Greetings from Bolivia 😊

  3. Can I say "I ate two fishes for lunch. a hair tail and a mackerel."

    And for lunch, if i ate an apple and two oranges, can I also say " I had two fruits for lunch."

    thank you for reading!

  4. amazing! "Sağ ol" is a phrase used in Azerbaijan which means Good bye! To be honest, I didn't expect it. Thank you for everything you do for us !

  5. In Indonesian, Good bye is "Sampai jumpa" I hope for the next episode BBC LE could put it on the map 😀

  6. I somehow sense a racial stereotype here somehow. Yun, which I think a Chinese name, didn’t perform well, and was thrown to disappointed parents. Isn’t it the stereotype that when a Chinese cannot perform well their parents will be disappointed? I may be wrong.

  7. Can I say " Apples and oranges are my favorite fruits " or it would be fruit ? Can you please help me bbclearningenglish?

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