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48 thoughts on “Custom Transparent iPod Classic 5th Gen – 256GB SSD & "Nokia Battery life"

  1. Seen the transparent phones and all… but this is my absolute favorite project you have done! I wish i'd have such an amazing iPod. you do good content. Keep it up!

  2. Im guessing asking for bluetooth is stretching the friendship? Ive got a black 7th gen which im considering doing the ssd upgrade to.

  3. I actually still have mine as well. I just have to look for it. This gives me a chance to fix it and hopefully it will work again.

  4. I loved the video but gave me lots of envy because i am poor and always wanted to have an ipod, cant you send me a small one to Spain?

  5. It made me Cringe to see a 5th gen classic being converted transparent… Yeah I don't like the black varient but it's much better than the transparent one

  6. nice 🙂 is it possible to replace the rear cover and the front big round button from black to transparent as well?

  7. That is so not worth upgrading….. 171 dollars for 15mbps write speed…..
    No reason to not use the hard disk, they really don't go bad, lol

  8. hi excuse me I wonder if you can pass me the links of the products you bought for which I have a similar ipod and I am interested in using it again

  9. In Japan, a 256GB SD can be inserted into a smartphone normally. Naturally, bluetooth is also possible to play music with high sound quality

  10. Fantastic video Hugh. I've recently upgraded my iPod Classic 120gb with a similar card, replacing the hard drive and the battery as well. It all works great! Unfortunately I bent up the case a bit during the repairs. I now want a new front plate and back case. I'm thinking of designing and 3D printing my own. I am inspired by your vids and may give it a shot. There is genuinely something about these iPods. They just sound better to me than a phone or other computer. I'm a bit of an audiophile and have built my own tube amplifier that I run my iPod through into some old JBL speakers. It sounds warm and fat and wonderful. I'm glad that you are able to get parts and keep iPods running. Thanks again for sharing your experience mate. Cheers from USA.🇦🇺🍻🇺🇸

  11. Just in case. How do I transfer my music from my iPod classic to my computer? Because I have a lot of music that’s only on my iPod Classic from vinyl transfer that I don’t want to lose.

  12. Hi! I also changed my iPod Classic 6th Gen shell for a transparent one, the same that you use in the video. I have the slim version of this marvelous device but i struggled pretty hard to remove the old shell. The new one fits pretty well, except for the top pin (i think mine was a bit damaged) and the touch wheel. When you touchs the wheel you can feel the edges of the plastic case, there are a noticieable gap between the wheel and the case and although it works well, it is pretty annoying also.

    I am wondering if the slim version has also an thinner touchwheel, i really dont know. Also i have not removed the black frame of plastic protection that you peel of at 4:20, i only removed the central square. Maybe it add some thickness to this shell and is contributing to the gap, that is also more noticeable in the top side of the wheel (Menu button) than in the bottom side (Play/Pause). I Dont remove it because some people don't remove it, but i really don't know if it was suppose to be peeled off.

    So, i found really helpful your video. What do you think about this issues.

    Thanks a lot!.

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