Every Daenerys Targaryen scene in the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. From the Mother of Dragons arriving in Winterfell, to her finding out the truth about Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen), to her fighting for the living with her dragons against the Night King, White Walkers and the Army of the Dead, to her becoming the Mad Queen and burning down King’s Landing, along with incinerating the million people who lived in that city (igniting her father’s legacy) and finally to her death.

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30 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen and Dragons – All Season 8 Scenes | HD 1080p

  1. Epic👏👏😂…she finally loves for the first time and he turn out to be her nephew and kills her 😂😂😂👏 this girl is destined for ANYTHING but love 😏😂😂

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  3. sincerely, you don't see that there is a big relation between this film and what is happening now in the world with the corona virus. think about it

  4. In my opinion sansa is being a ahole bc dany didn’t have to help the north but she still did and lost half her army doing it.

  5. How is this all daeneary scenes when you cut her off mid sentence. Furthermore there's so many scenes with out her.

  6. Everything my POOR Queen went through dammit!! Daenerys wanted the xenophobic and sexiest people of King’s Landing and all of Westeros (they were always going to push for the beloved MAN Jon Snow who is a Westeros raised Northmen – Tyrion said with people knowing Dany will lose the North, The Vale etc) to not revolt against her once she got the throne, so it was fire and blood, and fear! It wasn’t just because she was GRIEVING (she is not f**** mad)! It is horrible for those who would have generally accepted her as Queen (I get not being excited at her arrival with her family’s history, but in her family there were good ruler’s too and everything above just shows they never would of gave her a chance and at least respect, and no conspiring), but Daenerys is a misunderstood and even more so fascinating tragic hero and anti-hero.

    Apparently having a dick is more important than being a woman who has worked so hard to get the throne (which power hungry, jealous, dumb Sansa wanted and you see that with her pushing for evil/useless Bran to not be King – she was told by Tyrion who is Dany’s hand that Daenerys wanted to make the world a better place, but ofc Sansa who has been horrible since day one couldn’t take that). She kept telling idiot/traitor Jon (he was still a Stark so why tell anyone especially them, even if they are family) that the people of Westeros don’t love her and that she only had fear (like arsehole Tormund etc showed when he stated your either a KING or a MADMAN for going on a dragon – this is the WOMAN who brought these f** dragon’s to life and who saved his ass in season 7. Jon has Targaryen in him oh no he might go “mad”). Cersei didn’t help with her xenophobic talk of Daenerys and her army where there was NO PROOF (to them) of them being the way Cersei described (though the unsullied weren’t like that) – so that would have spread around too.

    Sam Tarly’s father was an xenophobic arsehole toward’s Dany – she was never going to be accepted, but Daenerys still had hope, gave up everything regardless and STILL no one gave a shit (she could of just left them and gone back to her island, after all the dead can’t swim). This is when she could see it – the nastiness of Westeros. Don’t even get me started on sexiest traitor’s Varys and Tyrion, and Lyanna Mormont and all the xenophobic Stark’s (apart from Ned, the only honourable and good Stark who was a lovable character, and who funnily enough saved Daenerys). I love how idiot people keep saying Varys and Sansa were right when they’re the one’s who spread the SECRET/INFORMATION – Vary’s was writing letters and is the Master of Whisperers, so how many people do you think would have known?! Both of them were hiding they’re asses in the crypt while warrior Dany was outside on the battlefield – Sansa can’t even use a knife lmao!

    The hypocrisy in the fandom toward’s Daenerys is annoying as f*** since everyone has killed those who disobeyed them or done bloody/violent, but very understandable thing’s – I guess every character was foreshadowed as going mad lmao! Of course a woman is mad right?! If you can’t be loved then you have to be feared like Tywin was and like Stannis/Olenna said, even though I don’t like Stannis. Even though D&D didn’t know what they were doing (made me hate/dislike most of the character’s by the end) and rushed thing’s, they compared Daenerys action to Hiroshima (which stopped World War 2) and people say that was necessary, but not this – people need to stfu tbh. If Tywin had three dragon’s, I’m sure he would have done the same and people would still love him – and not call him mad! Daenerys gave people who betrayed her chance after chance, it’s so sad.

    Ned Stark would be ashamed: he kept the secret for how long and Sansa put Jon in danger; Jon Snow killed Daenerys after she saved him like 3 time’s (Queenslayer) (search up his full quote about passing the sentence cough cough) and Arya decided to become a lone wolf, and travel to foreign countries, even though she is an xenophobic bitch lol. Bran just let all the evil happen and did nothing! The stupid North didn’t need to be independent since SEVEN kingdoms were brought together as a whole and there was centuries of peace between the North and Targaryen’s, as stated – also the Stark’s ancestor’s The First Men invaded and wiped out The Children, so Sansa should of shut her mouth about this being “they’re home” and blah blah. No house is innocent. Every fictional character ever has they’re flaw’s, big and small, but Daenerys is misunderstood and tragic, and everything she did just show’s that it is dangerous to be kind, compassionate and trusting in life.

    If arseholes want to keep denying that the shitty Stark’s are not xenophobic (especially Sansa) then stop because it was obvious and was confirmed by a Game of Thrones writer. It was also confirmed (and obvious) that Sansa was jealous, which make’s sense because she is useless etc. You see her jealously with the way she looks at the dragons and her saying to Tyrion “Why her?”, while looking at Dany’s dragon’s fly again. I’ll always love Daenery’s, First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragon – well EARNED titles! Hmmm yes I swear everyone declares themselves a monarch including Margaery, Cersei and Joffery etc lol. She lives on in the hearts of the MANY, MANY people she freed and give’s fear to evil men (if only she killed more lol): sadly Westeros is still around because of her, but at least she saved the children (Arya would never have been able to kill the Night King had Dany not knocked him off Viserion, so Sansa/anyone else can shut up). Her magical child Drogon is still alive too thank god! I’m so PROUD of my Queen OFFICIALLY (I have seen this online and on youtube video’s) being the most popular Game of Thrones character STILL/and one of the most highly popular female character’s ever (and rightfully so), and as always being the face, and life of Game of Throne’s lmao!

    PS: I don’t usually comment on video’s (but I’m sick of the hater’s) so if any anti’s are going to come at me don’t bother because I don’t respond, and don’t like to be drained by idiot’s! I will leave you with this quote by King Robert, who I have mixed feelings about (I do LOVE Ned, but this quote is awesome)!

    “Do you think it's honor that's keeping the peace? It's fear, fear and blood!”

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