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22 thoughts on “HMS Vanguard – Guide 132 (Extended Look)

  1. 25:31 I believe Sir Frederick Parham wasn’t the First Sea Lord, he was actually the Fourth Sea Lord but that was from only 1954–1955. The First Sea Lord was Sir Caspar John at the time of Vanguard’s decommissioning and her scrapping.

  2. Britain really, really needed the Vanguard when fighting the war in the Falklands… And even in a 1950's mothballed or museum condition her guns and presence there would have not only commanded respect from any enemy but would have also proved Britain's armed forces with greater, capability, endurance and ultimately saved lives on both sides of the conflict. Very short sighted to scrap her and I'm sure a public appeal would have saved her.

  3. I never understood why the Royal Navy went forward with this ship. As WWII experience demonstrated such ships were too big, too expensive, and too vulnerable. This video does quite satisfatoraly explain why these ships were completed.
    Overall a classic case. Of building the ship needed in 1939, after the need was well passed. Oh well! Sometimes things just turn out that way.😎

  4. Great summary of a fine ship. More than a little Iowa class in her design. I think it is important to name the yard in which each ship was constructed. Without the efforts of these men (John Brown, Clydebank in this case) there would be no navy to talk about.

  5. A handsome and magnificent ship, what a shame [shame on the UK goverment of the time] she was not preserved as a museum.

  6. As a modeller, I regularly curse that a 1/350 scale kit of Vanguard does not exist to join my Hood, KGV, Bismarck, and Missouri.

  7. Designers: how many radar sets do you want?

    Royal Navy: All the radars <maniacal laughter> All of them!

  8. 27+ minutes for a ship that never did anything other than be last. Oh wait it's British. If it wasn't for the way you say "at all" and the Kamchatka , I would have long since moved on. Of course I am only kidding. A few weeks ago saw a comment about someone else who tries to do what you do. "I like this guy because he is simpler than Drachinifel" I think its one f the best compliments I have seen for you.

  9. it would have been nice to see her next to Tower Bridge. But no disrespect to the present occupier.

  10. The greatest Naval power on earth, was still building Battleships, when they should have been building Aircraft Carriers. They honestly were left in the dust by the United States and the Japanese. No offense but seriously, Britain was run by people from the 19th century. Why didn't they understand Air power?

  11. I only saw her once and then only her stern whilst traveling to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth on holiday as a kid. This must have been shortly before she was moved to Faslane and scrapped as I remember my dad pointing out the newspaper article giving notice.

  12. The outro just made me think how crazy it is that the Iowas lasted 40 years longer than any other nation's battleships. I know they were more status symbols and their main armament had become missiles rather than guns, but its still interesting.

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