Hospital Records Drum & Bass Classics Mix 2020
Mixed by Hesh

Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (High Contrast Remix)
Bungle + Index – Forgotten Souls
London Elektricity – The Great Drum & Bass Swindle (Logistics Remix)
London Elektricity – Fast Soul Music [Nu: Tone Remix]
Nu:Tone – Beliefs
Logistics – City Life
Logistics – Inside My Soul (Friction and Nu Balance remix)
London Elektricity – Vapour Trails
Nu:Tone – Right Now
MRSA – Different
London Elektricity – The Plan That Cannot Fail (Logistics Remix)
Camo & Krooked – Reminisce
Nu:Tone – Balaclava
Logistics – Ram Raid
High Contrast – Tread Softly
Cyantific – Little Green Men [Rosewell Mix]
Logistics – Transporter
Danny Byrd – Soul Function
L.A.O.S – Panda Style
Logistics – Girl from Mars
Subwave – Stars Get Down
Logistics – Trying Times
Nu:Tone – Breathless
Safair/SKC – Free My Soul
High Contrast – Racing Green
Cyantific – Without Sound
Danny Byrd – The Winchester Club
NU:Tone – System
Cyantific – Flashback
DJ Marky & S.P.Y – Riff Raff
High Contrast – Basement Track
Danny Byrd & Brookes Brothers – Gold Rush
Logistics – Falling for You
High Contrast – If We Ever
Makoto & T-Ak – Voyager
Nu:Tone – Missing Link
Logistics – Murderation
Total Science – Archive
Logistics – Glitch
Lenny Fontana – Spread Love (Nu:Tone Remix)
Logistics – Together

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27 thoughts on “Hospital Records Drum & Bass Classics Mix 2020

  1. These Hospitality mixes are keeping me going through the lockdown, always start the day in the office / shed by blowing out the speakers with them – hope everyone is staying safe and living the tunes <3

  2. Absolute belting mix, reminds me of all the tunes from when I first started to appreciate drum and bass. Hospital are still hands down my favourite label. Although I rate Fokuz very highly too.

  3. That High Contrast remix of Renegade Snares gets me every time. Not as good as the original but still an absolute belter

  4. Me and all my neighbours have listened to this everyday of the quarantine….although not by choice for them…. im sure they love it!!!

  5. Better Therapy than the Crisis Team, thank f*** they've just left. What F***ing Crisis here, it's you in a F***ing Crisis NHS.

  6. What better way to spend Quarantine than jammin' out to this mix and cleaning my basement?!?!??

    <3 from Cincinnati, Ohio

  7. Jak bóg stworzył człowieka to ma teraz zgryza 😛 ze człowiek stworzył Drum & Bass Classics. Auu d-_-b

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