I made a video in March 2011 called how to draw a cool signature. It was really how to design a logo type of signature. Nearly 350,000 people have watched that video to date!

Its obviously something that people have difficulty with. I know because they keep writing to me and tweeting and posting for me to do their signature for them.

I can’t do your signature. A signature has to come from you.

Start slowly and let your hand do what it wants to do.

You may have to write your signature 5,000 times before you get it right!

When you are happy with your signature, practice and practice until your hand can do it with out you having to think about it. That is when you have got your own recognisable signature.

If you say you can’t – it just means you can’t be bothered to experiment and practice. Get a grip – just do it! lol 🙂

With award winning illustrator, Shoo Rayner.


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48 thoughts on “How to design your own amazing signature

  1. I always end up having a big ass signature when thinking of one and it end up with half a page being covered 😤

  2. See my problem is the fact that my names very flamboyant by nature but I want it to be very not flamboyant help

  3. Thank you. Now, maybe my dad will stop making fun of me every time I have to write my signature :’D

  4. Me being here cuz of taehyung's create sign contest but also here because I realized armys were talented making signatures while I can't even fix my own -_-

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