Hello, in this video I showed you how to get Wallpaper Engine for free.
This is the link where you can get it:

and the UploadHaven link:

The engine also allows you to import your own files, so that means you can add any file like mp4, HTML, webp, gif etc.
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Music by: Joakim Karud- Dreams, Joakim Karud- Classic
My PC Specs:

Nguồn: https://otoxetai.vn

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25 thoughts on “How to get Wallpaper Engine for free with Workshop!! (2020) (LEGIT!)

  1. Quick edit: Sorry for not reminding.
    If Google Chrome disabled the download because it is harmful, I promise it has nothing to do with malware or virus. Google will recognise it as harmful because of the patch. To keep the file you will have to press CTRL+J to show the downloads tab. There it will say if you want to keep it or not. I also scanned it before I did this video just to make sure there is nothing wrong. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. It's literally 4 bucks. If you're too cheap to afford that and you'd rather go and do some risky third party site you are actually pretty dumb.

  3. hey so i need help, there r pop up ads and its telling me to download it, i downloaded it and it still wouldnt let me download please help me!

  4. Guys, if you want to find more wallpapers online, do not install desktophut's software. It's a virus. But you can use its wallpapers if you want to download more of them.

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