(This is still works!! In 1.42.15🔥💯)
Just comment if there’s a problem and not working, and if u want to shoutout just comment # shoutout
Thank you

(Lucky patcher download apk🔰)

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theres more videos comming up friends🔥 so stay tune👌

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47 thoughts on “How to hack Jurassic world the game ( Still works at v1.42.15!!No Root) Easy hack!!

  1. Who's not working there…its ok dont worry i will make free Jw account video so wait for it👍

    Who want to shoutout next videos just comment #shoutout

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  2. "5:10"
    If someone need something simply try logg.best/jwtg-guide-296
    Its cool for everyone!

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය

  3. 0:01 P@&$h&b intro 🤣🤣🤣
    But anyway THX the cheat works
    Oh yeah 1 thing i've tried this cheat before but after 2-3 days the cheat disappear pls help me
    But anyway Thanks👍😎

  4. Hi dudes, I discovered the way It's easy way… Why invest in ʀᴇsᴏᴜʀᴄᴇs? When you can get it for free from here DantasGuides

  5. "4:42"
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  6. So I really want to hack this game but I'm not sure if my progress will be saved. All my progress is saved with my Facebook account. But will the hack add stuff to my account or will i have to start from scratch? And if I do the hack successfully can I cancel the hack after I'm satisfied or does it stay forever?

  7. dantasguides looks like the only functioning web app from which you can gain gems, coins, points or any other in-game currency for free.

  8. Can i login with facebook? I have been already playing before this patch…. Will that occur any problem?

  9. https://youtu.be/KBtk5FUeJbk
    https://youtu.be/N2Y2vQ-1m7M https://youtu.be/L7mfjvdnPno
    https://youtu.be/7wtfhZwyrcc Please try it all music

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