In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about the environment and environmental issues in English.
What’s the air quality like in your city? Do you worry about climate change, or how your food is produced? You’ll learn how to talk about these, and other topics about the environment in this class.

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1. Air Pollution 0:46
2. Waste and Recycling 5:01
3. Talking About Food Safety and Farming 7:52
4. Climate Change 11:41

This lesson will help you:
– Learn useful phrases and vocabulary to talk about air quality and air pollution when talking about the environment in English.
– Discuss waste and recycling and how it affects you and the environment.
– Get different phrases and vocabulary to discuss the safety of how food is farmed and how that affects the environment in English.
– See a sample conversation about climate change and get good vocabulary to use when you talk about the environment in English.

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36 thoughts on “How to Talk About the Environment in English – Spoken English Lesson

  1. Don't forget to take the quiz after you watch to check your understanding! https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/talking-about-environment

  2. Part 1:
    Generally, I'd say the air quality is not that good because it can still get hazy in winter. But it's much better thaN it was a decade ago. At that time, you'd get thick smog covering the whole city all the year round.
    The improvement was achieved by the efforts of the government. They brought in new laws and regulations, restricted the volume of vehicles in the city center, invested more in public transport infrastructure, and moved a lot of heavy industry away from the city.
    As far as I'm concerned, vehicle emission is one of the major causes of air pollution, therefore to combat air pollution it is fundamental to reduce the reliance on private cars by using more public transport and replace gasoline-fueled vehicles with zero emission automobiles such as electric ones.
    Part 4:
    For sure, I think it's indeed a big concern, because climate change can lead to a number of environmental issues such as rising sea levels, regional changes in rainfall patterns, and disruption to THE ecosystem. For example, some regions may experience more rain and snowfall, while others may suffer from more frequent droughts and wildfires. These in turn could reduce crop yields and harm food security.
    I can imagine my country WILL have more frequent floods and even loss of some land in the coastline if rising sea levels continue.
    Global warming is primarily caused by an increase of fossil fuel burning. Therefore it is essential to reduce carbon emission by using more clean energy such as solar energy, and replacing gasoline-fueled cars with electric ones. One top of that, forest preservation and reforestation programs, which can increase the natural capacity of carbon absorption, would also play an important role in combating this issue.

  3. Why they use the verb'get' in the sentence:'In the summer, you'd often get thick smog covering the whole city ?i've found it in dictionary Cambridge but There's no point and could sb tell me why? , please . thanks

  4. Currently corona virus is the essential issue all over the world.i think, it would be necessary to take steps & builds proper communication all over the world.

  5. Actually I have a test tomorrow about this topic
    I'm very lucky that I found it
    If I have a good mark I will be thankful ❤😭

  6. I think the biggest environmental issue in my country is degraded forest. Many people cut trees and sell woods illegal. There are still ethnic minority that burning forest to make farming land. The forest resources in my country have been compared to "gold forest and silver sea", but nowadays, the forest area is more smaller than about 30 years ago.

  7. I am Japanese farmer.I'm happy to know that Japanese agricultural book is known to the world!
    I have read 'One straw revolution'.

  8. Dear jina and Oli
    Hi in my country because of poor quality gasoline, mismanagement, lack of culture, overuse of cars, and lack of transportation facilities.

    Air pollution is high in autumn and winter, despite tree planting and green belt and frequent media and environmental advice
    Thanks a lot for your kindness

  9. The air in Hue city is a little bit bad. The local government advises citizens to stop burning rubbish and use publish vehicles. Changing pepole's consciousness is the best way to reduce air pollution. We sort garbage into two bins: food and recyclable garbage such as paper, plastic, wood… Non-recyclable waste will be transformered to rubbish factories to tackle.
    Farms are mostly small and using more traditional methods. I think ew should pay extra to use organic food because it's good for our health and avoiding harmful things to health in the future. It's important to know how our food is produced because we can know what kind of herbicides and pesticides farmers used and how long they were harvested particularly vegetables. Global warming is a big matter of the whole world since it causes lots of disasters over the past decede. It causes floods in rainy seasons and drought in summer and even the weather gets cooler in winter. The best way to deal with climate change is reducing carbon emission and recovering forests in over the world.

  10. Hi I've a public speaking about environment and I find ur video very helpful can just share some expression to use in speech and thank u a lot 😊

  11. In my home town aire quality is very good, I live in a very small town in mildde of the forest on country in the center of France

  12. Wow great information about environmental issues .This is one of the most biggest problem that human have to deal

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