Updating the BIOS, also known as “flashing the BIOS,” replaces the BIOS firmware. When completed successfully, a BIOS update can fix or enhance aspects of a computer’s performance, or provide support for newly installed hardware. However, if an incorrect update is installed or if the update process is interrupted, the motherboard can be permanently damaged, leaving the computer unable to boot. It is recommended to update your BIOS only if one or more of the following conditions apply:
The update fixes a problem with your computer.
The update enhances your computer’s performance in the desired way.
You are planning to change the operating system, processor, or other feature(s), and the current BIOS version will not support the new configuration.
An HP Support Agent, or an HP support document, recommends that you download and install a specific updated BIOS.
HP ay516tx Notebook used here.

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31 thoughts on “How to Update BIOS Firmware on HP laptop | Flashing BIOS HP ay516tx Notebook

  1. I update my laptop bios by hp support solution.and install hp support solution framework.

    The problem is when I restart my laptop, it's take too many time to open.
    is it perfect for laptob or not?
    should I unstall this solution framework?

    Plz tell me brother.

  2. You saved me a couple hundred dollars! Laptop had stopped working and could no longer open microsoft office! Once I followed your exact instructions, all is now working fine. Thank you so much!

  3. In my boot menu there are two oprions 1.windows 2.remix os
    I deleted the directory/main file(without uninstalling) of remix os
    Now i am unable to remove remix os option from boot menu
    Can anyone fix this problem????

  4. Hi ! , My HP laptop was failed to update the bios … So my laptop became a dead laptop . Then I went to HP center and they just suggested me to replace the motherboard (wt*!) , And I went to other service , and they just replaced the bios chipset with the old HP laptop … And its working fine !!
    So , is it impacts on the performance like gaming etc ?? Mine cpu is core i5 with 7200u type – amd r5 m330 2gb

  5. Well my charger exploded and shut down my laptop. Now I only get a black screen with blinking leds. Can I reflash bios? Also where to find the hp system bios utility? I don't have it installed…

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