The iron monster GT-44 enters battle against a tank named Rusty. Using its technical advantage, the GT-44 is close to victory. But Rusty’s best friend, the American Dora comes to the aid of the Rusty tank. Railway giant Dora gives his friend serious support and helps him in this difficult tank battle. As a result, Rusty wins an unconditional victory over the high-tech steel giant GT-44. Here is a brief summary of this video. If you like tanks and cartoons, then I hope that this video will interest you. Subscribe to the Valhalla Toons channel in order not to miss new episodes and, of course, thanks for watching! #valhalla_toons #tanks #cartoons_about_tanks

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  1. This is super and you in subtites setting Türkish league is talking scenes and please my two counters is blueprint showchase 22 android love channel and my two counters by bedri. and please tanks dead scenes 😋😋😶😶😎😎

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