Logistics comes in many different forms, but, ultimately, means exactly what it sounds like. Prince, one of our employees at iSuporta currently works for a maid service that organizes services to customers around their schedules, and deals with conflicts cause by traffic, tools, timing, customer requests, urgent needs, etc.

He has worked in the past, doing similar logistics work in the Appliance repair industry. His tasks were similar in the sense that he needed to get appliance repair engineers from job to job during the day, considering weather, traffic, customer needs and working schedules.

Another form of Logistics, is called Scheduling, that is used in transport, such as airlines, or trucking. The idea is the same, but, there are more rules, which include regulations of time and location.

We provide 4PL, or Fourth Party Logistics, and 3PL, third party logistics

Supply Chain management has also been shown to require a large amount of people, that can easily be outsourced to offshore, remote staffing companies.

Remote Staffing is the best way to expand, as you retain control of employees and their tasks, but, don’t focus on the overhead, such as taxes, HR, office, software, tools, desks, discipline, etc.

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