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In the last two decades, increased globalisation has witnessed a significant growth in the movement of goods across international borders. Despite the development in technology and introduction of faster modes of transportation, shipping or marine logistics still remains one of the mainstays of the international movement of goods. Therefore, this sector has the maximum scope of employment from entry level to management levels. It varies from managing ships to managing the ports, to marketing of many related services.

What do they do?
Marine logistics involves overseeing the movement of goods by sea. Besides navigation and engineering, all the other operations related to ports/terminals and actual maritime transportation comes under marine logistics. It includes scheduling, marketing of space, booking of cargo, safe transportation of cargo from one point to another, loading and unloading, supervision and liaison with customers.

Skills Needed
• Good knowledge of maritime vessels, marine engineering, wireless technology, hydrography
• Hands-on experience of working on ships
• Domain knowledge of a particular industry
• Knowledge of supply chain management is essential at the managerial level
• In-depth marine knowledge with adequate sailing experience

How do I get there?
There are two streams in marine logistics: nautical science and engineering. You can take admission to a maritime training institute through a test after class 12 (only for science students). For nautical science, you can do a three-year BSc programme and for marine engineering, you can pursue a four-year BTech. After graduation, you can join as apprentice and appear in different levels of competency exams after requisite sailing experience. A graduate may get into marine logistics after doing a related MBA programme from a reputable institute.

Pros & Cons about this career
• It is a sunrise industry, hence growth prospects are good; Salary is low at entry level but it increases as you go up the ladder
• In the pecking order of organisational functions, supply chain and logistics is not considered as important as marketing, manufacture or finance

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