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Naruto vs Pain

Having caught word of Pain’s attack, the toads at Mount Myōboku prepared for the counter-attack. Shima, who was at Konoha at the time, was told to prepare a reverse summoning to bring Naruto, Fukasaku, Gamabunta, Gamaken, Gamahiro, and Gamakichi to Konoha, moments after the Shinra Tensei levelled the village.

After using the Naraka Path to repair the destroyed Asura Path, the Animal was launched back into the village and re-summoned the rest of the paths back into the village to fight the jinchūriki.

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34 thoughts on “Naruto Vs Pain Full Fight English Subbed 720p HD Naruto Shippuuden

  1. I still have 5 seconds… Hmm his gon hit me with that rasengan again.. 4 more seconds.. i can literally still move and dodge…… Nah let him win he deserves it..

  2. the scene with naruto in front of the seal somewhat loses a lot of tension and meaning when you realise that even if he had ripped the paper off naruto didn´t have the key at that point

  3. if you are going to cut the fight in bits like this… might as well cut sakura… what the hell is wrong with you?

  4. Hi can I ask what is the order of the naruto shows?

    Like is shippuden first
    Or Boruto
    Or Boruto the last movie
    And so on

    Like what is the order

  5. i came back here because i already done boruto and im finding other anime can please somebody say me a good anime

  6. The studio was like:
    Let's do a great job, draw the fans full attention and when the actual fight starts, just then, let's fuck the animation.

  7. This fight was well done, but without sugarcoating anything Naruto would have lost in minutes if not for Pains many disadvantages. I'll clarify

    1. Before even fighting Naruto, Pain uses up chakra killing off Konoha's best shinobi (Jiraiya & Kakashi) & whoops the entire village.

    2. He proceeds to destroy the village with his chaotic Shinra Tensei which required the combined efforts of all 6 pains. This took a lot out of Nagato's chakra & even shortened his lifespan.

    3. Tendo, (the strongest body) is renderd useless for a short amount of time due to the chaotic shinra tensei exhausting most of it's chakra.

    4. Naruto enters the fight prepared with all the summonings at his side, clones placed at Mount Myoboku gathering sage energy, Katsuyu healing him & giving him intel while battling pain.

    5. Even with all that, Pain won rather easily as soon as the Tendo body gained it's powers back. One-shotted Fukasaku, the big summonings & Naruto easily.

    6. Naruto gets pinned-down, loses the battle & is a few seconds away from being captured by Pain then Hinata comes to his rescue.

    7. Naruto goes 4 tails & even 6 tails only to lose again due to pains use of Chibaku Tensei

    8. 8 tails Naruto almost escapes the Chibaku Tensei and pain comments on increasing the size of the Jutsu (again using up a ton of Chakra)

    9. Then Minato intervens (conveniently when Naruto was about to kill himself by riping the Kyuubu's seal off) to calm Naruto down, have a sweet pep talk with him & bost his moral & fighting spirit.

    10. With the help of Minato, Naruto enters a calmer state and is then able to enter sage mode for the final time.

    11. Pain is all worn out, while Naruto is in a much better state mentally & physically with katsuyu healing his injuries

    12. Naruto figures out Nagato's location due to the help of sage Mode which he wouldn't have been able to enter if not for Minato calming him down.

    13. Finally, pain loses to a mere Rasegan when he could have dodged it at best.

    Naruto had so much help in this one fight & even came prepared. He had the Toads, his clones in Myobuku, Katsuyu, Hinata & Minato helping him while Tendo fought singlehandidly throughout the second half of the battle & even wasted a huge chunck of his chakra defeating Jiraiya & Kakashi & blowing up the village collectively beforehand. To make matters worse, Pain was holding back making sure not to kill Naruto while Naruto fought to kill.

    In conclusion, as far as powerscalling goes Pain>Sage Naruto by a huge margine.

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