A beginning to end HD playthrough of Reef Entertainment’s 2014 PC game, Rambo: The Video Game.

I don’t care what all of the reviews say. I loved the original Rambo trilogy, I love light gun style shooters, and this game is the perfect representation of all of that. Rambo lets you level up for new abilities, has random quicktime and stealth events, and lots of holding the left mouse button down when hovering over some guy’s head. Anyone that likes things like Time Crisis, Lethal Enforcers, or Ghost Squad will thoroughly enjoy controlling latex-mask Sly shooting at endless copies of Vietkong apparently sharing far too close of a gene pool.

The game was played all the way through on the Normal difficulty mode, and before starting I had leveled Rambo to the max, Lvl. 20 (that’s why the headshot triggers a temporary slowdown in the latter half of the game. At the time of the recording I was ranked 18th overall worldwide by the in-game leaderboards. The game has only been out 4 days, but still, I’m excited 🙂 I really enjoyed this game, and don’t feel bitter at all for paying full price.

If you like rail shooters similar to old-school arcade lightgun games, you’ll love it, no question. If you think that rail shooters are dull or a waste (because they don’t feature 50 hours of new gameplay, good sound quality, more than 5 character models to be pasted across the entire game), this is not at all the game for you.

On the plus side, it’s requirements are pretty modest at this point: I’m running a Radeon 6750 on an FX8350 and still get 60 frames uninterrupted on 1080p with the highest details. I had to knock it down to 720p to avoid random stutters with FRAPS, though.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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41 thoughts on “Rambo: The Video Game (2014) PC Complete Playthrough – NintendoComplete

  1. 9:34 не хрена у Ремба носище он им наверно может как топором врагов резать на куски !!!

  2. ตอนไหนจะมีเกมส์นี้ในมือถือบ้าง

  3. 1:08:02 i love how he instantly aims at driver seat only to discover that this truck was driven by a fucking ghost

  4. This seems like they wanted to make a standard FPS and a rail shooter at the same time. It looks awkward to play. The Rambo arcade game is better.

  5. The developers behind this did actually just publish a good Terminator Resistance game. Trust me its good but nobody knows it because it flyes under the radar. It dont basicly bring anything new but it does give solid fps shooting, pretty good game mechanics and tremendous service to fans of two og Terminator flicks. I gotta say that it propably is the best Terminator related game ever. Yes its not perfect by all means but considering how little they advertised it, a very few people know its existence. And when they know and hear who made it, they expect it to suck and steer clear of it. It will definetely be remembered atleast as a minor hidden gem of this gen in 10y from now.

  6. "It's good that he is dead"
    This game is terrible😂😂😂
    Terminator Resistance is truly a big step forward.

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