Hey all today Im going show you how to fix the Windows Experience index not running

NOTE: No downloads are required &
This is only for user that have used the registry hack take ownership on the ActionCenter.dll ActionCenterCPL.dll’s in The system32 folder to change them to dll.old files


If you have been having problems and don’t have “.old”
Run CMD and type this in to the command prompt window that opens, ( click start type cmd, right click cmd.exe and run as administrator)
del /f %SYSTEMROOT%PerformanceWinSatDataStore*.xml
NOTE: you may need to restart you computer afterwards

This should reset WEI and allow you to rerun without problems this fixes the problem most of the time. 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Repair Windows Experience index ( WEI) not running ( windows 7)

  1. For windows 7 uses that dont have .old Run CMD (start, type CMD, click on CMD.exe) and type this in to the command prompt window del /f %SYSTEMROOT%PerformanceWinSatDataStore*.xml

    Windows 8 users: Should be the same as above.

    windows 8.1 users: go to start, type regedit, click on regedit, go to EDIT top left, click find, type HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows Control Panel Performance Control Panel it should bring up the key and in the right panel there should be a value called PerfCplEnabled and the number to the right of it should say "1" if it says "0" double click on PerfCplEnabled and change the number from 0 to 1 and click OK, exit regedit and try the test again

  2. Im having a problem in View and print detailed performance and system information.. can you help fix this ?

  3. when i used the command like "del /f %SYSTEMROOT%PerformanceWinSatDataStore.xml" it showed up a message that "Could Not Find C:WindowsPerformanceWinSatDataStore.xml"

  4. i dont have the old file my problem was different "the windows experience index could not be computed winSAT already running, so i googled found this video but didnt have the old file so i went into task manager the process tab and ended winSAT process now the test is running

  5. trying for system root, but promp said "Could not find C:WindowsPerformanceWinSatDataStore*.xml"
    can u fix it?

  6. @kingkamina1993, this worked for me Thank You! ~ 1) Deleting the files in the WinSat folder and rerunning the test is working properly.

    The popup "Windows Assessment tool has stopped working" was driving me crazy before this fix. Thanks again for this.

  7. the windows experience index for your system could not be computed cannot complete the requested assessment. this system does not have the necessary multi-media support to run the requested assessment.

    what do i do ?

  8. hey i was on my girl friends laptop and she just got windows 10 placed on it when we try and run the scan the program just closes and also when we try it in CMD it also just closes i put windows 10 on my computer at home and it works just fine was wondering if anyone knows what the problem is

  9. OMG this song is so nostalgic. Like every Minecraft videos overlay music. Lol like if you remember those days.

  10. The easiest solution is:
    "LocalDisk(C:) > Windows > Performance > WinSAT > DataStore".
    In folder "DataStore" delete all files and restart system. After restart you can rating youre PC.
    Good Luck.

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