Its time I did a video on one of the great all time tech devices, the iPod. But of cause it wouldn’t be a Hugh Jeffreys video if I didn’t get a broken one to repair.

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32 thoughts on “Reviving a Broken iPod 5th Generation (iPod Classic)

  1. Do you still use an old school iPod?
    I still use mine all the time, it allows you so listen to music while being disconnect from your phone, something a lot of people could use…
    Its also helpful if your constantly using different devices that don't always have your music library on them.

  2. What should I do if the only screen the ipod shows is the red encircled x promting me to visit apple support via the URL. How can I get it to download the driver softwear?

  3. used this video as a guide, uhh my sd card isnt working and also i cringed on how long it took you to open it up.

  4. used and i flash in a 5g video ipod but still keep getting the sad face itunes wont recognize at all?? any idea hugh?

  5. I have an 80gb black 6th gen classic in near mint condition…& I have no idea where I got it from! Wont connect to my iTunes tho… 😔

  6. I wish they would make something like the iPod touch just with a lot better battery life etc. so you could have text and music on one device and everything else at Home etc.
    I mainly use my iPad at home and don’t need a huge phone to carry around with me all the time because I don’t use it for media consumption a lot but I know I’m a minority

  7. Hi, where did you download the firmware from? I have an old ipod 120gb sitting in the drawer for too long and now I cannot get it restarted even after the ipod is charged. Thank you.

  8. Hi i want to know about ipod battery because I am having 5th generation ipod classic, when I put on charging with my cell phone charger it doest not get charging but when I plugged in to my laptop it get charging what's the reason can you please tell me

  9. Ended this video thinking how cool the iPods were, and how much I'd want one. Then I realized its 2020 and this technology only makes for a cool collectors pieces now. Kinda sad

  10. Great , simple video. For those (like me ) not having access to that JOSCO thing (which looks good) white stone polishing clay is great for cleaning and polishing the ipod.

    Just a question: I have noticed that my beloved 5.5th iPod Video external click wheel sound doesn´t work anymore (clicker settings in Yes, of course) I have googled it a lot but I cannot find where is the part producing that clicker sound. Click Wheel? Headphones jack? Motherboard? BIG mistery! Any idea?
    I have recently replaced the screen and I thinks it´s when I messed with something but I don´t know what. Thanks.

  11. do you repair other people's IPODs? My classic … the wheel doesn't scroll anymore and I can't keep it ON. I guess the battery is gone on it too. But can the wheel be repaired? It doesn't click or respond anymore.

  12. As shown by DankPods you can put up to 1 terabyte into a 7th generation 160gb version by flash storage but is runs terribly slow

  13. Hello Hugh, I have mine in the best condition you can imagine. It had the original plastic protecting the screen and since new I bought a silicon cover it's in perfect shape, the battery doesn't last long, but still works, but even that I have taken so much care of it… I lost the audio. I have no audio at all. While ago it started sounding weird until one day it finally lost the audio. Have you seen this failure before? if so, do you know what could be wrong and how to fix it?

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