In this cartoon, you will meet a new iron monster named Rusty. This is an extremely powerful tank with increased maneuverability and impressive technical characteristics. Rusty will hold his first battle in which he single-handedly defeats two enemy tank units and defeats a serious rival named GT-22. Also in this cartoon you will meet other steel giants, such as the GT-44 and the railway monster Dora. In general, if you like tanks and cartoons, as well as the game World of Tanks, then I hope that this video will interest you. Sign up for Valhalla Toons so you don’t miss out on new episodes about Rusty and, of course, thanks for watching! #valhalla_toons #tanks #cartoons_about_tanks

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40 thoughts on “"Rusty's first battle" – Cartoons about tanks

  1. ООйй хух даров бро ти топ я немог писать инет бил плохой просто
    я кстате все смотрел!!!!

  2. Yeah, good job Rusty tanks, GT44 Vs Rusty next, but maybe can helped from Dora,. And or another video Rusty and Dora American vs all tanks.👍👍

  3. Thumbs Up 👍, Oh ya Btw, Why there no Japan Tank?, Added In Animation! 😊, Don't just make America, Russian, and German Tank, And Make Poland Tank, It's good For you Animation :* !

  4. Valhalla toons please you search in youtube search android love blueprint showchase 22 in my two counters find.
    Please my two counter is your in cartoon pleasee and two counters is Türkey tanks please your cartoon do my counters

  5. Русти всех с одного удара выносит (one punch man) не ну он крутой спасибо за видео крутое

  6. Wow! Nice Tank drawings and Music! Keep it up! ❤️❤️❤️⚡️⚡️✨🎖👍🏻👍🏻

  7. Ахала тунс сказы почему расти не использует главную пушку а не остольные

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