Tesla’s Chief Executive Elon Musk said production was resuming at the automaker’s California factory, defying an order to stay closed and saying if anyone had to be arrested it should be him.


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38 thoughts on “Tesla's Musk says 'ready for arrest,' reopens plant against order

  1. I like Elon Musk , but this time he is too much. Laws has to be respected. And this is a life and death matter. He is putting his workers in danger.

  2. Come to my state come to my state I’ll support the killing of children so they can dig up lithium and kobalt for my so called environmental friendly cars 😂😂😂😂

  3. The guy is quite apt in his trade, I admire that; but stop giving him a pass. He’s clearly out of line. You can admire someone for their abilities without overlooking their flaws. Right now, Elon is clearly speaking for money over lives. I’m an Elon fan, but that doesn’t mean I worship his ass.

  4. He is just trying to look like a good guy to play his acting role for the NWO to continue distracting us from the fact that they are casing the entire globe for invasive mass surveillance. Fuck Tesla, Fuck Trump, Fuck Pelosi and all other traitors. Hang them all.

  5. He is just greedy. He’s one of the richest men in the world.
    Expecting your employees to risk their lives for you is a bit much.

  6. Arrest him. He’s putting peoples health at risk. Small business has to abide by the law, but he is exempt? Let him leave.

  7. Elon… Tell the greedy Californians that your moving and you will restrict Tesla sale to non-Californian buyers. Every business can say, "we will not serve you." Californians are not protected under the BOLI's list of reasons.. So Just say no to Californians that want to buy a Tesla.. That is how you will get support from the wealthy in california.

  8. The government is traumatizing how they can place these laws so quickly, How did they get it passed by the senate that quickly??? This is like someone declared martial law that causes the constitution to be suspended.

  9. yeah well, he is a BILLIONAIRE that is launching Starlink "5G" without the peoples concent. So, he is just another puppet makimg public relations to rally more peoole yo them.

  10. “I ask that it only be me.” This shithead is putting his workers at risk in more ways than one because he refuses to take this shit seriously. I think he’s terrified of either going broke or losing enough money that Tesla never quite recovers. Why would anyone do something like this if not for self-interest and personal gain.

  11. Ive been a huge fan of Elon was going to make it work to buy a tesla car but not anymore his tantrums are getting boring, im glad a California Mexican congress woman tweeted back F#ck Elon Musk. All the county wanted was for him to show safe working conditions. Move to Texas see how that works out no sweat off my b@lls.

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