The lunch everyone has been waiting for! I hope you guys are all enjoying your weekend and also take care of yourself. Please enjoy the video!

**(Thai, Korean, English Subs)**

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45 thoughts on “Thai Food With Lisa (BLACKPINK), Elkie (CLC), & Minnie ((G)-IDLE)

  1. WHHAAATTTTTT 4 of my faves meeting up together?! =O BTW LISA HAS LONG BLACK HAIR!!!!!!! does this mean a comeback is soon?! =O

  2. น่ารักกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก

  3. i've tried some thai food and i enjoyed tom kha gai the most! i also liked some desserts but i forgot what most of them are called 😅 i enjoyed this video alot! you guys should try filipino food next time, it's really good!

  4. แงงงงไอ้พวกต้าวน่ารักที่สุดในโลกเลย💕

  5. Queens that support other queens 🥰🥰 I love that the Thai line in kpop are all very supportive of each other ✨✨✨

  6. I guess it’s a Yg thing why the girls can’t be in the vlogs I was watching Ashleys vlog with Rosie but she wasn’t allowed to show her face as well

  7. Yall need to stop making up stories about yg policy or anything, yall sound like blackpink cant do things or decide things on their own when in reality, THEY CAN but just chooses not to, imaging lisa saying 'i cant appear on ur vlog bec of my company' at her big age? its just not realistic, just like when bp can date but yall said they cant bec of the yg dating ban but theres no dating ban😭

  8. น่ารักกันทุกคนเลยย อยากให้แฮงค์เอาท์กันบ่อยๆ ❤️❤️❤️😍

  9. Thai line talking with korean for ellkie to understand all conversation is the sweet thing i found in this Video

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