What do you learn when you sail around the world on your own? When solo sailor Ellen MacArthur circled the globe – carrying everything she needed with her – she came back with new insight into the way the world works, as a place of interlocking cycles and finite resources, where the decisions we make today affect what’s left for tomorrow. She proposes a bold new way to see the world’s economic systems: not as linear, but as circular, where everything comes around.

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27 thoughts on “The surprising thing I learned sailing solo around the world | Dame Ellen MacArthur

  1. https://youtu.be/TZoxRPmvFVQ
    Botella pet llenas de esperanzas
    Si en vez de hacer montones de basuras y dejarlas en campo abierto al aire libre , donde hay contaminación cruzada y contaminación de olores y contaminación al aire , podríamos empezar por separar todas las bolsas plásticas de todo tipo y meterlas en una botella , dos , tres y cuatro botellas , llenarlas y completar toneladas , disponer en un sitio adecuado y luego entregarlas a empresas encargadas del proceso de trituración , a cambio esas empresas nos podrían ayudar a ayudar ,
    Se baja el volumen de la contaminación
    Se estaría cumpliendo con el plan nacional de desarrollo
    Se estaría beneficiando muchas personas económicamente y se estaría mejorando cada vez más la imagen de la institucion
    Podríamos llevar este proyecto a las escuelas y que los niños nos entregarán estás botellas llenas de esperanzas .

  2. Did you look at money models? Circular is easy. But how are you going to do it with a money model that is destructive?
    Did you look at money? Are you?

  3. The focus on systems demands building them on the limitations imposed by reality. The human is part of a system. To fix anything affecting themselves the fundamentals¹ have to be understood. History provides no positive examples for insight as kings, emperors even modern-day democracies still fall into the same trap of autocratic control. What we require is an administration whose primary function is to always take the long-term view which is exactly what term-limited systems cannot provide. But we have terms because we can't reasonably expect the elected to stay on point. Another limitation (Power tends to corrupt…)

    The following provides the long-term view and it moves the task of renewal back to the water-cooler and the dinner table. It does so by putting control back in the hands of democracy. The more cunning of you will realise at some point that this revised system will be a very thorough examination of the role of the people. They cannot allow themselves to be led, they are required to stay up to date, because life was not meant to be a dream but work punctuated, made bearable, by the thrills of creative pursuits, love and acceptance. The same attributes that made us a successful species.

    The first nation that can build up to the following will have created an irreproachable, workable democracy. The pinned post and its primary comments (II – VII) for the gist of the idea. (10 minutes reading)


    ¹ Our dependence on neurotransmitters, mental traps/shortcomings (pattern-matching minds etc), a required sense of agency (Maslow) etc. All based from our last evolutionary 'update' which was probably many thousands of years ago (up to 200,000). We have a finite capacity, in our raw state. However the one thing, the only thing, we bring to this universe is the capacity for bright-mindedness. That should be the only value we seek. For only that will guarantee the survival of a conflicted, challenged species.

  4. Being now on my third GRP boat and considering how much GRP there is in all the marinas around the world I find myself wondering if GRP can be recycled in any way

  5. That's what I'm standing for!

    Great speech

    Great manifestation!
    I'm highly appreciate for making clean the mission of Young Generation!

    My mission.

    Our mission.


  6. My own solo circumnavigation took place on a 33' sailboat in the high latitudes both north and south. I will never forget the five months I spent in the Southern Ocean with just me and the albatross (I had no long range communication gear). I saw no other boats, ships or aircraft during that time. Actually 3 months S. Africa to Tonga and 2 months rounding Cape Horn from San Diego to the Falklands. This was truly the experience of a lifetime for me.

  7. nice speach, there is only one tiny problem in the whole story – GREED!!!
    Without huge companies support, she would have btw never sailed around the world on ships like this.
    She is good and i am loving her enthusiasm and her stories but Economy is such a huge thing. Everybody has to start
    by hisself STOP CONSUMING ..thats the key

  8. Well did you see any gigantic creatures,out of place Dino's in the ocean,or do they not let you tell the truth,because I know what's in the Ocean,I pissed myself out of fear,FEAR, PETRIFIED.so how about you

  9. Like her grandfather, I also fed pit ponies in a coal mine when I was at Newcastle upon Tyne. The pit ponies I saw were blind as a cause of the coal dust. One old and wise coal miner used to advise the other coal miners, "Do not ask for a pay rise as that will continue to escalate, it is much better to ask for a plot of land 200 feet long and 21 feet wide and we could plant it with the veggies and other food we need and we would ask the coal companies just to educate of children free of charge.
    As the lady said it so well, our forefather only asked for the basics and the families were stable for thousands of years. With the modern family demands, we are overusing the raw materials and we will soon not know what we are going to do with the refuse and the rubbish we are throwing away……….we shall sink in our own rubbish and refuse. Some packets I buy from the supermarket have even three wrappings around them before one comes to the item itself. Some countries do not know what to do with their rubbish and hidden behind Australia's modern living….. few people know that Australia is dumping its plastic in Malasia. How about that for selfishness and egoism!

  10. Sad to see the word globe still used. Water finds level. Bodies of water are flat. Join reality, loose the pop culture monkey living on a spinning rock in a vacuum sillyness please. Research how there is no scientific proof of curve to earth. Have a good monkey on a spinning rock in a vacuum hurling through space day. 🙂

  11. Ellen: you are an inspiring hero for all of us! Learn more about Ellen and the other women of the Vendee Globe through music at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPJXAAdrMVQ

  12. I think that's about the time that satellite communications became available which made it that more exciting

  13. Okay the exaggeration here is off the charts. I would really like a story that you actually believe all the details and facts are actually true. Do not believe for one minute that a four-year-old knows exactly what they want to do when they are an adult. Number one. The number to I do not believe that anybody hate every day for 8 years or whatever she said come on now you guys are getting a little bit ridiculous and what's a hyperbole is making some of it unbelievable., TED Talks are starting to get kind of crappy when they used to be really good

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