After having been asked for a list with the best RPGs currently on PC, I prepared this with some of the best (in my opinion) JRPG currently released on PC. Inside the list, you will find both famous titles and indies too.

From my Top list of JRPGs, I have excluded all the Tactical titles such as Disgaea, Utawarerumono, and others, leaving only those that do not stray too far from the mechanics of the classic JRPG of the past.

– Final Fantasy Series (00:28)
– Dragon Quest XI (01:30)
– I Am Setsuna (02:34)
– Octopath Traveler (04:44)
– The Legend of Heroes Series (06:38)
– Cosmic Star Heroine (08:09)
– Monster Sanctuary (09:47)
– Edge of Eternity (11:13)
– Battle Chaser (12:03)
– Virgo vs the Zodiac (14:07)
– The Amazing Fantastics (15:45)
– Epic Battle Fantasy 5 (17:11)
– Orangeblood (18:39)
– Pixel Noir (20:11)
– Light Fairytale (21:34)
– Legrand Legacy (24:02)

I am super curious to read your favorites JRPG that I will put together with mine in order to prepare a written list of the best JRPG on the blog. #topJRPG #topPcJRPG #PCGAMES

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13 thoughts on “Top JRPGs you can play on your PC right now

  1. Nice video & list! Added some to my list to play hehe, actually there's Octopath Traveler content on my channel if you wana take a look! 🙂

  2. All started back with legend of dragoon. Then I fell in love with turn based rpg. In my opinion dragonquest Xi is the most solid at this time. Right now I am playing trails of cold steel 2 and the series is good. I recommend both of them

  3. After the first 4 picks i was under the impression that everything on the list was going to be square enix

  4. Pro editing and super informing! Since pc isnt quite a welcoming place for JRPG fans good job.

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