Learn how to update your computer BIOS from Windows.

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Follow these steps to update your computer BIOS from Windows:
– If you are updating an HP notebook, connect the power cord and keep it connected during the update process.
– If you are using BitLocker to encrypt your hard drive, disable it, to allow the BIOS to install.
– Also temporarily disable Real time protection in Windows Defender.
– Open a web browser and go to support.hp.com/drivers.
– Follow the instructions to find and download the latest BIOS update listed for your computer.
– Once the update is downloaded, close all applications, and then open the file.
– If prompted, select Continue, Run, or Yes.
– In the installer, select Next.
– Review and accept the license agreement, and then select Next.
– Follow the instructions to prepare the BIOS update.
– When prompted, select Update to automatically install the update without using an external device.
– Select Next again.
– Select Restart Now to restart into the BIOS Update utility.
– Select Apply Update Now.
– The update installs, and then the computer restarts.
– Log into Windows re-enable BitLocker, if necessary.
– Windows Defender automatically re-enables Real-time protection.

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How to Update Your HP Computer BIOS from Windows | HP Computers | HP

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22 thoughts on “Update Your HP Computer BIOS from Windows | HP Computers | HP

  1. below 40% of charge my laptop is shutting down. After connecting charger its charging from 0%. And its not displaying warning notification about battery low. How should I fix this problem. Under charge Advance settings I did check for low battery notification and its ON. Can you please guide me how to solve this issue.

  2. I need help when on the website it doesn't show any items for me to select it shows . Lets identify your product to get started with not options of laptop desktop printer and other.

  3. I don’t have bitlocker enabled but I cannot update my bios in my hp omen 15. The update option is disabled for some reason please help me 😣

  4. Is this normal that the HP Support Assistant is showing that the bios is up to date ( 2/07/20 ) but when I go to the HP website where all the drivers are, the latest one is from 3/06/20. I don't know which one the right one. By the way my motherboard is the sunflower 8433. If you could help me I would really appreciate it

  5. I have an HP Spectre x360 – 15-bl112dx. I just updated the BIOS earlier today, and now my laptop restarts every time I close the lid, push the power button, or attempt to shut it down. It was working just fine before the BIOS update. What should I do?

  6. I updated it when it finished , it told me to sign out. I click it over 10 times but it show me again every time then, my data in laptop was disappear. How did I do it?

  7. Hey my bios update is not showing on support assistant but it is showing on hp official site should i download that update

  8. why does nothing happen after installing the file… I need to update the bios for a 3300Mt if possible can I get in touch with an agent

  9. Hi, I have hp pavilion 15cc102tx, after download the BIOS and hp system bios update utility it is asking to restart to complete update, but when I restart the laptop to complete update my laptop is restarting normally, I am not getting any option select apply update now, what should I do to update the BIOS I am using currently 2017 BIOS

  10. I need help. I downloaded the bios update and double clicked it as you did. After that nothing happened. It never came up with the hp bios utility screen or hp bios update screen. I was also never prompted to restart my pc.

  11. Hp Intel..my( solid state drive)
    Is not booting in bios and in task manager SSD active time is 0.0 and no page file and system disk….in task manager

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