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In this episode of Gaming For A Non-Gamer, I finally had my wife try out some of the games that I probably should have had her play in the first place, like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Stardew Valley, The Sims 4 and Slime Rancher. So, this is what casual games are like for someone who doesn’t play games.


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48 thoughts on “What Casual Games Are Like For Someone Who Doesn't Play Games

  1. Hey! Thank you for watching. If you would like some extra content, I post videos of my wife's (also known as the Lady I Live With) playthroughs along with a monthly Q+A podcast on my patreon, so if you have the interest and means to do so, consider supporting: https://www.patreon.com/razbuten. Also, catch me over on Twitch where I stream games and whatever: https://www.twitch.tv/razbuten

    Anyway, I appreciate you all for watching, and I hope you enjoyed this one. It was a lot of fun to make, and getting to chronicle my wife's journey into games (and descent into madness) has been a pleasure. I look forward to making more in the future. In the immediate horizon though I have a super self-indulgent piece about feelings or whatever, and I have some ideas on a piece about a certain animated show that just made it's way back onto Netflix, so look forward to those coming out soonish (at least, soon by Raz's standards).

  2. You should make her play some rts games like Stronghold, Warcraft III or Starcraft II especially because rts games are very beginner friendly.

  3. Every single game that you had the lady you live with play my lady either wants to play or has played a ton of!

  4. I did not have a problem understanding how to play when i first started playing video games…I paid much attention to the tutorials, explenations, what the game wanted me to do and what the goal of the game was..I believe that non gamers should start playing with games that interest them and are not too demading..Also they should be interested in gaming..

  5. "Acclimating to that sort of stimulus" = used to it. I see you're also trying to impress Mrs.Johnson on your english paper.

  6. Playing a game just because other people are playing it is, compared to other aspects of life, extremely rare thing to hear from a person playing video games. That might be thanks to the massive amount of games that one is free to choose from without being pressured to choose. I've never heard anyone, especially not a gamer, say that and I suspect that it might have "ruined" the results of your test to a certain extent.

  7. Loving this series! What about a game like pokemon next time? Would be interesting to see how intuitive learning type match ups really is to someone who has never played pokemon before, especially since pokemon is considered beginner friendly.

  8. i had a chaotic moment in slime rancher when i first played too and i was crying laughing so hard while catching all my slimes, it makes me really nauseous to play tho as well which really sucked😓

  9. Omg that ending was just the sweetest fjbfkfbgg
    Sometimes you seem so alienated from your wife, analyzing her behavior objectively and all that… And then y'all interact and my heart instantly melts.

  10. Why do idiots say gamer….I play a lot of games but I'm not a gamer. I'm just a person who likes. Video games….gamer implies trphy hunting. High scores. Online play etc…I prefer single player games and idgaf about any trophy…

  11. Kerbal Space Program does a good job of having different modes for folks who want to run a space program versus those who just want to build and operate ships.

  12. It always amazes me how someone enjoys a game so much which I consider to be garbage. Why even bother playing when there's no challenge involved? Perplexing.

  13. i honestly dont know what i did in the sims but i made friends with an NPC moved in with them sold my old house and everything in the new one then went and did the same thing? idek how i got there tbh the game makes no sense

  14. With The Sim's 4 you could have had her just load into build mode instead of selecting a character and you wouldn't have needed cheat codes. Just select build mode instead of play. She would have been able to do everything she wanted without thinking she had to use cheats to do so. Build mode on it's own give you unlimited money to build all you want without needing money to do so. Then her Sim's would have had an earning goal she created for herself to work for. Throw in Aspiration goals, gaining skills to get promotions, and who knows.

  15. Your wife plays The Sims the same way I do, not gonna lie. Literally couldn't care less about the daily grind, but focusing on just building cool houses, and have my sims enjoy a happy carefree life in them? Yeah that's how the game should've been.

  16. Have your wife play house flipper! It's the part of sims 4 she likes with engaging gameplay and a really easy tutorial

  17. Finally someone recognizes the skill that gaming takes. I don't have that for the most part. I tried to play World of Warcraft but it was so hard to figure out and other players got real mad with me and I got frustrated. Needless to say, I deleted the game. The experience also killed my interest in playing games (becoming a gamer?), so yeah.
    I do play Sims, Spore, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot etc. for fun and childhood nostalgia but I am by no means a gamer and don't have the skill.

  18. Well sims 4 basegame has pretty doll gameplay. even when owning all the packs the gameplay gets boring (in my opinion).
    Modders in the sims 4 community is basicly gods. They do almost better work then EA and fix stuff in 1 week that EA spend months fixing. Also Sims 4 out of all the sims games, is the only game i fell need mods to even have good gameplay.

  19. One genre I'm curious about seeing would be turn based games. It doesn't put the player in a time constraint and demands careful planning / action, so I'm wondering how well a non-gamer would pick it up and how they improve.

  20. I think games like minecraft and pokemon are really good for starting out because you can get by and do things you want while unskilled but there is enough depth for experienced gamers to enjoy

  21. It was such a heartwarming video! I hope she enjoyed the games (and of course, animal crossing) as much as she expressed. ❤

  22. I will say the Sims 4 get to work pack makes the work engaging and way more fun. It really makes it a whole new better game.

  23. Love the video, and i had a thought for another genre for the lady you live with to try. I know she said she didnt like the retro look of games, but retro games were forced to teach players how to play games from the very beginning as they are what started the gaming boom. So maybe you should do a retro games episode to see how well they are able to communicate how to play compared with games from today. I think it would be interesting to see how games communicate these ideas back when gaming was only just beginning. This genre could include any game from that era from classic 2D platformers such as Mario or Sonic to beat em ups such as Streets of Rage or Final Fight. Whether you do this idea or not, I love these videos and I will continue watching.

  24. This is fascinating.
    First I heard of FPS nausea.Oddly enough I actually enjoy, truly enjoy, the mere act of moving around your character and experiencing the world either from a first persons perspective or a 3rd person one. There is something to it tbh.Anyway please have her play ultra modded Skyrim.
    But explain to her as you are setting up the mods and so on.
    I think it would be very interesting to here a non gamer view point on mods and so on.

  25. You should do games that are usually babies first game like the first game you played or a game that was the first one for most people. I recommend toontown rewritten it’s a 3 person mmo rpg but unlike WoW/Everquest it is a turned base PvE one its great

  26. have you guys ever considered streaming/recording the games you let her try? would be fun to watch a new person figure out the game tbh

  27. I wish that there was always a third person mode. I play loads of video games but I actively have to avoid or put down frequently first person games because they make me so sick. Not cool when all I want to do is play it!

  28. I think this video is even more interesting than the first one, because it shows off an aspect of gaming that YOU'RE a beginner to, just like your wife. This isn't meant as like, a callout or anything, but as a lot of other commenters have pointed out, The Sims 4 does have an open build mode that is accessible from manage worlds. Cheats are also a much more integral part of The Sims than other games, and although it's true the game does sort of rely on that prior knowledge, new gamers don't live in a vacuum. They may get frustrated more quickly, but I imagine they'd still use google to figure something out before quitting outright. This seems to be a game that you're new to as well, and I think it's interesting that you chose to play it on console, even though it's much more well known as a PC game. I've been playing Sims titles since The Sims 1 and it isn't what I'd consider "casual." Obviously the subject matter is easy to understand but the depths of the gameplay mechanics are much more than they appear. I think this says a lot about what games we consider casual. There are a lot of people who grew up playing these types of games (life sims w/ more relaxed gameplay) and ONLY play these types of games. Are those people not "real" gamers because they don't play first person shooters or platformers or other combat-based games? I have over 2000 hours logged into The Sims 4, and that's just one title. I also grew up with Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, but instead of "moving on" to more fast-paced titles, I dug deeper into the life sim genre and other similar genres. I don't know if I agree with the assumption that these games are a "starting point" for new gamers. They can be an ending point too, and I think your wife's comment at the end really exemplifies that point. All of these "casual" games have HUGE communities online of players who only play these sorts of titles. There's an entire sims community on youtube of people who's entire channels are just the sims, sometimes even just build mode. Obviously these games CAN act as a jumping-off point into other genres of games because of their accessibility, but for a lot of people who I'd consider "serious gamers," this is their bread and butter.

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