In the debut episode of the Logistics of D-Day we explore the logic and planning that resulted in Normandy being chosen as the location for the largest amphibious invasion in the history of human kind.

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43 thoughts on “Why Was Normandy Selected For D-Day?

  1. Huge thanks to Simon Clark for reading that radio announcement last minute yesterday. The original version of this video on Nebula has the original radio speech, but some American music label seems to think they own the rights to BBC speech from 1944…

  2. "As far as I'm concerned, the only thing the French should be allowed to host is an invasion." Johnny English

  3. Answer: Because Normandy prolonged the European campaign which means more profit for the banks financing the war on both sides. This is the same as the island hopping on the Pacific campaign.

  4. War doesn’t care who you are, what gender you think you might be, what you identify as, what you own, how much you have or don’t have or what race you are. =WAR IS FAIR=

  5. Imagine being fitted out with equipment of war and being brainwashed into thinking you are a free man. No. A free man, doesn't need to be fighting other mens wars. Wars that were created by fuck heads of men that are not free, but enslaved by their own stupidity and cowardice. And you allow them to influence your mind to become their tools. You are no more than a tool. Not a free man. You've been tricked. And simply lack intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and experience. If you find yourself marching beside other men playing at soldier, know one thing, you are not a free man, just a brainwashed man.

  6. What a mistake. Landing mechanized army in worst non mountain terrain for armor in all of France.

  7. Being Dutch, I always wondered why D-day was not on the Dutch coast. Very close to Germany, good infrastructure (harbors, air fields), only 50.000 Germans in the country at the time. And if need be, the fortress Holland (the famous inundations and fortresses) could protect the landing and all the rest of it when the Germans would counterattack. But now, I see that probably the sand on the beach was too fine.

  8. every time a see a video of D-day i always think,i see these men/boys going off to war and how many came back or was this their last day on earth? so.. i thank you the greatest generation there will ever be ..thank you for your service and sacrifice!

  9. In the 1940s my uncle then in the Royal Navy was issued with a child's bucket and spade, the things you got for the kids at the seaside, camouflage painted of course! One of his jobs was to row ashore at night to French beaches and gather a sample of the beach with his bucket and spade. I remember him telling me you could see the cigarettes of the German guards on the cliffs.

  10. There were three main areas considered for invasion: Trieste, Southern France, and Northern France.
    Churchill wanted to invade through the Balkins, starting with an invasion near Trieste. This was a better strategic location for post war Europe. FDR wanted to land in Southern France which eventually did take place in August. This choice gave better access to deep sea ports. Stalin wanted Normandy through Cherbourg. Somehow Stalin got his way.

  11. i think their was no single moment in modern history as more courageous as Battle of Normandy, Soldiers on allied side knew a lot of them are gonna die

  12. (1:30,) "by Britons and Americans.." By numbers AND importance, Americans, Britons and Canadians.. (assigned beach heads) with Free Poles, French, etc in support. Caught badly off base and tagged out twice (baseball imagery) before the 2 minute mark means "Good-bye! What you say later about the selection of Normandy might be insightful, but that seems a long shot. Credibility requires thoughtful script writing. Three Cheers for your "Gee Wiz Wow " narration. No thanks.

  13. (1:20) "June 6th, the world woke up to earth shattering news.." The opening of "the second front" (actually 3rd, Rome fell on the 5th) was highly anticipated for this week, month at least. Squeezing it into a minor lull in bad weather was highly surprising. The earth was not shattered one bit.

  14. The officers responsible for Operation Jubilee should have all been executed, because that's precisely what they did to the 3000 men who were murdered. Not killed. They were murdered. Any neophyte would know to verify things like topography, enemy positions, etc. before launching an operation like that.

  15. So many people died only to protect Germany from Russia. I am amazed that true role of USA in 2nd world is still not recognized.

  16. Should also be noted that an oil-line was quickly run across the English channel to supply the advancing convoys.
    I forget if the line went to Cherbourg or precisely elsewhere in Normandy.

  17. When you have 2 mio + subs you dont need that annoying advertising support in last 2 minutes. Thumbs down and last time I check in 😎

  18. This is actually the first I've heard of that failed landing at Dieppe…what in the FUCK were the Allies thinking at that point? No/little air and naval support and shit tanks on a beach not researched vs troops not known of???

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